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Dr Rashid Geranmayeh Vaneghi

“Working with MRIWA put me at the intellectual heart of WA mining, connecting me with the industry and helping my work get noticed.”


Progressive Damage Mechanisms of Rocks Subjected to Cyclic Loading (Project Number: M0474)

Host University 

Curtin University 

The Challenge 

Cracks represent unstable weaknesses in a rock mass, developing and growing in response to repeated explosions and impacts and ongoing vibration experienced during mining. This dynamic change in rock strength poses a significant risk and can lead to unexpected failure of mine walls and structures. 

Key Findings 

  • The response of rock strength to the cyclical loading and unloading caused by repeated stresses experienced during mining differs substantially from that resulting from static stress regimes and natural events.
  • Rock fatigue from accumulated micro-damage can significantly weaken mine excavations over time
  • Accounting for this dynamic weakening effect in the design and staged implementation of mine stabilisation measures can reduce the risk of unexpected rock failure

Benefits to WA 

Rashid’s research is helping engineers understand how the stability of rock faces evolves over time in active mining environments. These insights support better dynamic management of structural support in mines, making WA mining safer and more productive. 

Link to thesis 

Rashid’s thesis can be accessed from the Curtin University Library via the link below: 

Page was last reviewed 1 June 2023

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