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Project title

Towards decarbonisation in steelmaking: Grey-box modelling for optimisation of green and sustainable metallurgical coke production from biomass

Host university

Murdoch University

Supervisor: Dr Xiangpeng Gao and Dr Kevin Wong

Benefit to Western Australia

The proposed research has the potential to deliver substantial economic, environmental, and social benefits to Western Australia (WA). As world’s leading iron ore producer, Australia plays a pivotal role in transitioning steelmaking industry toward net-zero emissions. In line with WA State Government’s goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, this research focuses on reducing GHG emissions in steel sector. Specifically, the study explores the use of biochar (a charcoal-like substance derived from biomass pyrolysis) as an eco-friendly feedstock for producing metallurgical biocoke. Incorporating biocoke into steel manufacturing can significantly decrease carbon emissions, contributing to the State’s GHG reduction targets. This transition not only enhances energy security but also aligns with global climate change mitigation efforts. Economically, it fosters growth in local bioenergy sector. In essence, this research offers comprehensive solution that positions WA as leader in sustainable steel production, bringing prosperity, environmental stewardship, and global recognition to the region.

Page was last reviewed 6 May 2024

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