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Project title

The Unintended Effects of Carbon Emission Policy: International Evidence from the Paris Agreement

Host university

University of Western Australia

Supervisor: Dr George Shan and Dr Lyndie Bayne

Benefit to Western Australia

My research investigates tax avoidance responses to increasing carbon reduction costs in Western Australia’s minerals sector, particularly in high-carbon-emitting industries like mining.

Understanding firms’ strategic financial decisions is crucial for fostering innovation and sustainable practices in the mining sector. Additionally, my work will address the societal impact of tax avoidance behaviours, which can affect safety, social responsibility, and environmental sustainability. If firms employ tax aggressiveness to counter carbon reduction expenses, it could lead to reduced government revenues. These funds are vital for supporting social wellbeing and environmental initiatives in the state.

This research empowers policymakers to make informed choices, ensuring the efficient allocation of financial resources for the benefit of Western Australia’s society and environment. In harmony with the region’s sustainability goals, economic development priorities, and responsible resource management, this research contributes to a prosperous and sustainable future for Western Australia.

Page was last reviewed 6 May 2024

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