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Detection Technology


The technology of using sandbox modelling, to imitate geological structures and thereby develop an understanding of such structures to assist exploration, was extended to link with the seismic physical modelling of geological structures.

The linkage allows development of seismic images of sandbox structures, to benefit exploration by enhancing structural interpretations.

This report is the first known to explain the development of the basic technology required to resolve this complex problem. The results make it possible to image four layers in a sandbox model under controlled conditions.

A better understanding of wave propagation in unconsolidated sand was obtained, and new seismic data acquisition techniques for physical modelling have been developed that overcome numerous technological obstacles of the past.

It is now feasible to develop an understanding of 3-D geological structure, watch the development of faulting and fracturing induced by applied changes in stress state, and examine the effects of fluid movement within reservoirs over time as a new time-lapse 3-D technology.

Keywords: sandbox models, analogue modelling, seismic interpretation, structural interpretation, 3-D modelling

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