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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Safety, Social and Environmental Sustainability
Project Period
2023 - 2026

The Challenge

To deliver an optimised pro-type electrolysis capable of more efficiently producing copper, nickel and zin. The technology (eco-Metal X) fully regenerates all chemicals and this could deliver environmentally sustainable metals and by products.

Proposed Solution

The project will develop the concept of an advanced electrometallurgical process, including a proto-type reactor design, which more efficiently leaches base metals from solids with minimal chemical wastes.

The specific aims, which link to the challenges above, are to:

a. Deliver the most effective process for increased production of base metals

b. Fully regenerate acids and oxidisers used, providing circular economy opportunities including cost, safety and environmental benefits

c. Bring decarbonisation opportunities via:

i. hydrogen generation is valuable in applications such as fuelling heavy diesel vehicles on-site

ii. use of renewable energy to power the system

iii. reducing logistics required for trucking reagents in and out of remote mine sites

The results of this research will prove a more efficient process for base metal extraction while providing solid advancements in hazardous waste minimisation and environmental improvement.

Proposed Benefit to WA

By recovering metals from tailings and previous uneconomic streams in an environmentally effective manner, the industry becomes more sustainable in Western Australia for these critical metals.

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