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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Data Driven Decisions
Project Period
2021 - 2025

Project completed by Future Battery Industries CRC which receives allocation of MRIWA funds.

The Challenge

About 30-50% of total mine site energy usage is related to diesel-powered mining vehicles. This represents a significant proportion of current mining operational costs, and the prevalence of diesel fuel usage presents health and safety concerns.

The mining industry also contributes 4 to 7% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Proposed Solution

This project will provide the Australian mining industry with the tools and information needed to help transition operations to using battery-supported electric vehicles (BEVs) and associated stationary machinery on mine sites.

Standard tools for application, economic modelling and best practice guidelines will be developed to enable equipment, technology and service providers to study the case study sites, input into plans, and commercialise the outputs.

Proposed Benefit to WA

The project will carry out in-depth case studies at two mine sites in Western Australia which will directly benefit the industry in the State.

This project contributes to the WA Future Battery Industry Strategy by facilitating application of rechargeable batteries to support transitioning to modern, cleaner and energy-secure societies.

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