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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Detection Technology
Project Period
2020 - 2022

The Challenge

Current Hydraulic Processing Systems (HPS) cannot recycle the large volumes of fluid required to deliver drilling power and bring rock cuttings to the surface in Coiled Tubing (CT) drilling. This elevates drilling fluid consumption and restricts capacity of the CT system to deliver representative sampling 

Key Findings

This project delivered systematic characterisation of centrifuge performance under the range of flow rates relevant to CT drilling, supporting definition of optimum operating conditions for solid-liquid separation and fluid recycling.  

As the basis of guidelines for real-time control of a decanter centrifuge incorporated as an integral component of the integrated Hydraulic Processing System (HPS) developed for the RoXplorer CT drilling platform, these findings represent key enabling knowledge for this innovative drilling technology. 

Benefit to WA

Resolution of the fluid management and performance issues identified with CT drilling would help support use of the efficient low-cost RoXplorer CT drilling system in areas of Western Australia where there is a need for deeper exploration with a low environmental footprint. 

Keywords: Drilling; Drilling fluid; Exploration technology 

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