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Safety, Social and Environmental Sustainability


A total of 147 personal cascade samples were taken at eleven minesites in WA covering the major ore types of gold, nickel, alumina, iron-ore, mineral sands, diamonds, industrial minerals and base metals with the following objectives:

  1. Characterise particle size distribution of inhaled dust;
  2. Compare collection efficiencies as per Australian Standards of past and current inspirable dust sampling heads used within the mining industry;
  3. Undertake baseline measurements of diesel particle matter concentrations underground; and
  4. Characterise important chemical and mineralogical components of dust as a function of size.

Several recommendations for improved sampling procedures and standards revisions are based on project outcomes.

Report includes a literature review undertaken to establish the current state of knowledge of the dependency of respiratory disease on the particle size of dust inhaled by mine workers, published as Report 162 in March 1996.

Keywords: inhaled dust, diesel aerosol, dust sampling, mining health regulations

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