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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Deep and Complex Extraction Systems
Project Period
2020 - 2023

The Challenge

The mining industry is increasingly acknowledging the opportunity to reconsider an in-situ recovery (ISR) approach for a broad range of mining activities. Risk mitigation associated with the potential loss of lixiviant and solubilised metals beyond the wellfield and into groundwater systems is critical before this approach can be implemented.

Proposed Solution

Development of novel strategies, including sustainable bio-based options, to create robust biocement and other barriers for application in an ISR operation on mining sites.

Proposed Benefits to WA

ISR offers the opportunity to reduce the impact of mining on the landscape by minimising surface disruption.

Applicable to a variety of Western Australian commodities, the creation of sustainable barriers and development of new methods for efficient lixiviant containment could also prolong the operation of existing mines or convert sub-economic mineral systems into commercial prospects delivering jobs and ongoing royalties.

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