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Project Overview

Project Number
M0459, M0484
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Mineral Systems
Project Period
2015 - 2017


The objective of the project was to investigate the prospectivity of mafic igneous intrusive rocks in the East Kimberley based on age, internal differentiation and geochemistry of parent magmas, and isotope fingerprinting of ore minerals.

The centrepiece of the project was an investigation of the relationship between multiple small intrusions in the Savannah district, including the ore-hosting Savannah intrusion itself. It also investigated similar attributes of the neighbouring Hart Dolerite suite and its potential for PGE-enriched magmatic sulfides.

The original M0459 project was granted an extension of 9 months (M0484) to complete the extended investigations into the neighbouring sills. Results of both projects are available in Report 459.

Keywords: Ni-Cu sulphide prospectivity, Mafi-ultramafic intrusions, East Kimberley, Proterozoic, AMS-paleomagnetic

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