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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Mining Technology
Project Period
2019 - 2023

The Challenge

Undertaking material tracking in parts of the mining value chain where physical processes change the bulk shape and mixing of large scale material units, obscuring the original grade distribution. Existing tracking technologies require regular intervention, unsafe work practices and only provide data when sensors pass loggers.

Key Findings

Rapid, real time approaches to material mixing across the mining value chain were developed using algorithms and codes to predict the mixing in the stages of blasting, dozer push, stockpile stacking and depletion. Accurate GPS and dozer data are essential to validate the approach and identify how the material mixes during the transfer processes.

Benefit to WA

Implementation of this software into mine systems will enable operations to plan blend strategies to improve the quality and efficiency of product delivery. Being able to process an expected blend at the correct time will reduce costs, energy and carbon footprint. Reduction of waste sent to the plant will improve throughput providing increased profitability to mining operations.

Key words: Material movement, interoperability, stockpile tracking

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