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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
Program Area
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Data Driven Decisions
Project Period
2020 - 2025

Project completed by Future Battery Industries CRC which receives allocation of MRIWA funds.

The Challenge

Leading electric vehicle manufacturers are now expecting responsibly sourced materials to be used within their batteries.

Currently, the lack of accessible data and a common approach makes it difficult for Australian companies to evidence claims of strong social and environmental performance and to support design for a circular economy.

The Solution

  • Deliver certification pathways for ‘responsible sourcing’ aligned with international best practice.
  • Assemble Australian battery industry datasets and data management framework.
  • Deliver an integrated life cycle model for responsible materials supply into a circular economy.
  • Benchmark and drive improvements in the social, environmental and carbon footprints of battery materials and by-products.
  • Build vision and capability for future competitiveness in an era of battery passports.

Proposed Benefit to WA

The WA Future Battery Industry Strategy focuses on ‘ethical and sustainable ways’.

This project will build capability, credibility and demonstrated leadership through research connecting government, industry, academics and international experts to support market differentiation and improved performance of Australian materials in sustainable battery supply chains.

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