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Project Number
Total Grant Value
Project Theme
Mineral Systems
Project Period
2002 - 2004

Full report title: Trace fossils and their application to high-resolution sequence stratigraphy and associated cement distribution: Middle Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous Interval, North West Shelf


Ichnofacies analyses and diagenetic studies were undertaken on Bathonian-Callonian shallow marine deposits in the Timor Sea and Lower Cretaceous sediments in the Northern Carnarvon Basin. Previously unrecognized sequence boundaries, flooding surfaces and other major stratal surfaces were identified, leading to a higher resolution sequence stratigraphic framework, and an ichno-fabrics atlas also was assembled.

Keywords: ichnofacies, ichnofabrics, carbonate diagenesis, greensand, sequence stratigraphy, Carnarvon Basin, Timor Sea

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