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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Acid Mine Drainage and Treatment of Tailings
Project Period
2022 - 2023

This project was supported as part of the Innovate to Grow funding opportunity offered by MRIWA in 2021.

The Challenge

Decarbonising water is an emerging issue for the mining sector due to an increasing carbon footprint and the challenge of transitioning to net zero emissions. Scalable, net zero water treatment technologies with real-time monitoring and data-driven remote operational capabilities are needed across the sector.

Proposed Solution

The ‘wetland-in-a-box’ is a modular, remotely deployable water treatment technology which uses green remediation processes controlled and monitored by smart sensors and integrated data platforms (IIoT). It is a sustainable, net zero alternative to conventional treatment technologies which can be customised for application to specific settings and water chemistries.

This project will develop the software required to extract, analyse and visualise data from a range of novel sensors used to monitor and control in real time water levels, water quality, flows and reuse.

Proposed Benefits to WA

This project will enable sustainable treatment of remote mine waste waters and enable data-driven sustainable water decisions within the mining and METS sectors. It is a disruptive technology for achieving net zero emissions focusing on the often overlooked issue of water, and the transparency of real- time data to enable a positive link between mining and adjacent communities and sectors.

Keywords: Green chemistry, net zero, IIoT, tailings water treatment, media reuse

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