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Delivering an economically viable processing method for the Panton Sill deposit

MRIWA project M0458 could allow commercial development of the Panton Sill platinum deposit in Western Australia’s Kimberley region. Despite the value of metals within this resource, their distribution across a…

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Our new CEO

The State Government announced Nicole Roocke as the new MRIWA CEO today. The members of the MRIWA Board, committees and management team are looking forward to supporting Nicole in her…

Published: 27 November 2018

Project 432 published

A sequential leaching procedure was developed and optimised to meet the requirements for assessing potentially problematic mine waste produced by iron ore mining activities, focusing on those that have low…

Published: 20 November 2018

Report for MRIWA Project M477 is now available!

View the report MRIWA project M477: Jacob, R.;  Majewski, P. and Bruno, F. 201.87 “Investigation of Ore Settling in Molten Chloride Salts”  The objective of the current study was to…

Published: 12 November 2018
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