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Graphic listing MRIWA's six research priority areas, with the second priority area Expand the mining envelope highlighted

Research activity within MRIWA’s research priority program area Expand the Mining Envelope is intended to systematically advance knowledge working towards solutions for mining more ore from challenging deposits, create engineering capability and demonstrate technical feasibility of mining more selectively and deeper.

As at 30 June 2020, the investment in the program is comprised of:

  • MRIWA contribution $3.9m
  • Third-party contribution $6.6m
  • Total grant value $9.9m

Find out more about the themes and intended outcomes under this program.

Follow the links below to individual projects, or view all case studies within the specific theme areas:

If you can’t find information on our website about a specific project, or if you have a research need or project idea relevant to this program, contact us to discuss further.


Deep and complex extraction systems

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
Evaluation of in-situ barrier technology for risk mitigation and extraction optimisation for in-situ-recovery operations (M0545) Curtin University Current
Towards a mechanistic understanding of electrokinetic in situ leaching (M0544) University of Western Australia Current
Lixiviant access creation in impermeable hard rock mass for the in situ underground leaching of metals from ore (M0529) Murdoch University Current

Engineering in highly stressed and complex rock masses

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
Ground support systems optimisations (M0431) Australian Centre for Geomechanics Report released
Probabilistic stope design (M0489) Australian Centre for Geomechanics Report released
Establishing the in situ rock bolt behaviour underground in order to model and design improved rock bolt support systems (M0499) Curtin University Current
Ground support systems optimisation, Phase 2 – (M0497) Australian Centre for Geomechanics Current
Rock properties to predict rockburst vulnerability in three dimensions (M0464) Australian Centre for Geomechanics Current

Mining technology

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
Development and evaluation of fume free explosives for underground blasting applications (M0482) Mining3 Report released
Real-time mining face grade determination using hyperspectral imaging techniques (M0518) Plotlogic Pty Ltd Completed
Hard rock disc cutting technologies: Fundamentals of cutter/rock interaction and rock failure mechanism (M0487) Mining3 Current
Physics models for ore tracking in surface mines (M0522) Mining3 Current
Safe, sustainable management of filtered tailings (M0510) University of Western Australia Current

Safety, Social and Environmental Sustainability

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
A study of nano diesel particulate matter (nDPM) behaviour and physico-chemical changes in underground hard rock mines of Western Australia (M0495) ChemCentre Report released

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