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Graphic listing MRIWA's six research priority areas, with the first priority area Find more viable resources highlighted

Research activity within MRIWA’s research priority program area Find More Viable Resources is intended to systematically advance knowledge and capability to improve mineral exploration productivity through detection, exploration technology and prediction performance.

As at 30 June 2020, the investment in the program is comprised of:

  • MRIWA contribution $5.4m
  • Third-party contribution $24.4m
  • Total grant value $29.8m

Find out more about the themes and intended outcomes under this program.

View all recent case studies for projects within the theme areas mineral systems and detection technology or follow the links below to individual projects.

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Mineral systems

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
An integrated multi-scale study of crustal structure and prospectivity of the Eastern Yilgarn Craton and adjacent Albany-Fraser Orogen (M0476) Centre for Exploration Targeting (University of Western Australia) Report released
Deep crustal-scale structure, geological evolution and multi-commodity prospectivity analysis in the Halls Creek Orogen, Kimberley region, Western Australia (M0465) University of Western Australia Report released
Distal footprint of giant ore systems: Capricorn WA case study (M0436) CSIRO Report released
Mapping the chemical architecture of gold camps (M0494) CSIRO Report released
Mineral systems on the margin of cratons: Albany-Fraser Orogen / Eucla Basement case study (M0470) Curtin University Report released
4D evolution of WA ore systems (WA4D): Re-Os sulfide geochemistry (M0446) Curtin University Current
4D evolution of WA ore systems (WA4D): rutile – pathfinder to ores (M0448) Curtin University Current
A multi-scale approach to controls on mineralisation in the Fraser Zone, Western Australia (M0470a) Curtin University Current
Evolution of Proterozoic multistage rift basins – key to mineral systems (M0554) University of Western Australia Current
Integrated 3G – Geochronology-geochemistry-grain shape: a new toolkit for mineral sands understanding (M0551) Curtin University Current
Lithospheric and crustal-scale controls on multi-stage basin evolution: Impacts on mineralising systems (M0521) Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia Current
Multiscale dynamics of hydrothermal mineral systems (M0424) University of Western Australia Current
Orebody knowledge, landscape history and mineralisation of Martite – Goethite Ores in the Hamersley Province (WA) (M0557) CSIRO Current
Yilgarn 2020 (M0530) Centre for Exploration Targeting, University of Western Australia Current

Detection technology

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
Don’t bury Western Australia’s geophysical data: uncovering prospective mineral terrains with regional potential field, seismic and MT transects through cooperative inversion (M0493) Curtin University Report released
Drop Probe System – RC LWD (Reverse Circulation Log-While-Drilling) (M0449) Globaltech Corporation Pty Ltd Report released
Centrifuge optimisation for fluid management in Coiled Tubing drilling (M509d) MinEx CRC Current
Coiled tubing drilling for definition of mineral deposits (M0509a) MinEx CRC Current
Development of drilling fluid system for the Coiled Tube drill rig (M0515) Curtin University Current
Field-based XRF for prompt Au analysis (M0543) Portable PPB Pty Ltd Current
Novel seismic methodologies for exploration of mineral resources in a hypersaline environment (M0514) Curtin University Current
Petrophysics for mineral discovery during drilling (M0509b) MinEx CRC Current
Seismic in the drilling workflow (M0509c) MinEx CRC Current
The paradigm shift for minerals exploration using ultrafine soils and intelligent data integration tools (M0462a) CSIRO Current

We are still finalising the case studies for some projects. If you can’t find information on our website about a specific project, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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