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Project Overview

Project Number
Total Grant Value
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Regulatory Tools and Processes
Project Period
2022 - 2023

Project Summary

Mineral exploration and discovery represent the foundation of Western Australia’s world-leading minerals industry.

Under this project, MRIWA is working with CRU Global to consult broadly across industry participants, researchers and other stakeholders to identify opportunities for leveraging existing WA capability in research and education relevant to Mineral Exploration.

The insights gained through this process will inform MRIWA’s strategy for enhancing collaboration in exploration research to:

  • Increase their adoption and implementation of research outcomes
  • Support ongoing long-term foresight regarding future research and education needs as they relate to exploration
  • Stimulate partnership opportunities in areas initiated by industry
  • Generate awareness of and enthusiasm for career pathways in exploration and geosciences.

Keywords: Exploration; Minerals research; Exploration technology; Future workforce; Minerals exploration

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