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Project Overview

Project Number
M0533g, M0533h
Total Grant Value
Program Area
MRIWA Contribution
Project Theme
Downstream Processing Technology
Project Period
2020 - 2024

Project completed in two stages by Future Battery Industries CRC which receives allocation of MRIWA funds.

The Challenge

Developing and establishing technical and processing capabilities to manufacture nickel-rich cathode active material precursors at volumes sufficient and validate material quality.

The Solution

A FBICRC Pilot Plant at CSIRO’s Waterford facilities designed to reach outputs to provide statistically representative samples to demonstrate appropriate material performance within a reasonable timeframe.

Establishing technical and processing capabilities to produce several hundreds of kgs of material with consistent performance characteristics.

Proposed Benefit to WA

The pilot plant will enable WA to not only supply all the commodities required by the battery manufacturing industry, but develop and demonstrate concept processes for commercial scale precursor production plants within Australia.

Increasing opportunity for battery manufacturing in Western Australia creates the potential for the state to become a major processing, manufacturing and trading hub, with the associated social, economic and environmental benefits.

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