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PhD Engage 2021

MRIWA to launch a masterclass in communications and networking skills for Education Program participants

Published: 13 April 2021

Siwei Chen

Project title Rock Fracture under the action of multiple field coupling Host university Curtin University Supervisor: Associate Professor Ian Davies
Published: 30 March 2021

Yihao Fu

Project title Characterisation of ore and bulk solid systems by use of multivariate image analysis and deep learning neural networks Host university Curtin University Supervisor: Professor Chris Aldrich The Challenge…
Published: 30 March 2021

Kudzai Angeline Mchibwa

Project title Innovative processes for leach liquor purification and production of battery grade LiOH from Li mineral resources Host university Murdoch University Supervisors: Associate Professor Gamini Senanayake and Dr Manickam…
Published: 30 March 2021

Polyanna Moro

Project title Lithospheric Evolution in the Transition from Plate Margin to Intraplate Basin, Northwestern Australia Host university University of Western Australia Supervisor: Professor Mark Jessell Benefit to Western Australia Polyanna’s…
Published: 30 March 2021

Xingjie Chen

Project title Investigating the utilisation of mine tailings and waste rock in the shotcrete for underground support. Host university University of Western Australia Supervisor: Professor Phil Dight Benefit to Western…
Published: 30 March 2021

Tyler Bikaun

Project title Unlocking Knowledge from Technical Texts using Deep Active Learning and Entity Typing Host university University of Western Australia Supervisors: Professor Melinda Hodkiewicz, Dr Tim French and Dr Wei…
Published: 30 March 2021

Alicja Polewacz

Project title Processes at the interface between fluids and lithium minerals Host university Murdoch University Supervisor: Dr Hans Oskierski Benefit to Western Australia Alicja is investigating the break down and…
Published: 30 March 2021
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