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Graphic featuring MRIWA's six program areas, with Increase Recovered Value Through Processing highlighted

Research activity within MRIWA’s research priority program area is intended to increase yield and throughput, optimising use of raw materials by breaking down operational silos and to accelerate the development and scale-up of new processing technologies.

As at 30 June 2020, the investment in the program is comprised of:

  • MRIWA contribution $3m
  • Third-party contribution $11.6m
  • Total grant value $14.6m

Find out more about the themes and intended outcomes under this program.

View all recent case studies for projects within the theme area processing technology or follow the links below to individual projects.

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Processing Technology

Project Name Lead Organisation Status
A novel direct leach approach to extract Platinum group metals (PGM) from the Panton Sill PGM deposit in the Kimberley region of WA (M0458) Curtin University Report released
GE.VIEW.WA – Developing new tools and resources for benchmarking Grade Engineering® opportunity for the WA gold mining industry (M0485) CRC ORE Report released
Prototype design for gamma activation measurement of gold on conveyor (M0500) CRC ORE Report released
Glycine heap leaching (M0505) Mining and Process Solutions Pty Ltd Completed
Benefication and chemical processing of lithium minerals – Stage 1 (M0533i) FBI CRC – Murdoch University Current
Broadening the opportunity for in-situ recovery of value from mineral deposits (M0519) Mining3 Current
Geology, mineralogy and metallurgy of eMaterials deposits in WA (M0532) Curtin University Current
Hydrometallurgical processing for nickel and cobalt ores, concentrates, tailings, wastes – Stage 1 (M0533e) FBI CRC – Curtin University Current
Integrated screening and particle sorting collaborative study (M0441g) CRC ORE Current
Integration of enhanced grade engineering grade by size gangue liberation and more energy efficient comminution (M0503) CRC ORE Current
Investigation on the relationship between Ore grade and size fraction in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder region (M0441f) CRC ORE Current
Mine site validation of a real-time fluorine mineral sensor (M0441h) CRC ORE Current
On-belt gamma activation analysis (GAA) sensing for gold: Phase 3 – Preparation for pilot plant campaign (M0534) CRC ORE Current
Organic acid leach system for rare earth extraction technology development (M0541) Curtin University Current
The effect of water quality on rare earth minerals flotation (M0537) Curtin University Current
Understanding fluid-rock interactions and lixiviant/oxidant behaviour for the in-situ recovery of metals from deep ore bodies (M0488) CSIRO Current

We are still finalising the case studies for some projects. If you can’t find information on our website about a specific project, contact us and we will be happy to help.

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